I Am A Bear

Below is a Playthrough of the game that takes you through both endings.

  • The story behind I Am A Bear is that you are a Bear who is trying to befriend animals to bring to his birthday party.
  • The main point of this game is the communication between two animals whose language is different. You have to match your emotes to the emote language of the other animals.
  • It is possible to scare the animal away and not make friends with them.
  • My role on the game was programmer. I also worked on creating the end game cut-scenes and setting up the levels.


Desktop Screenshot 2017.12.12 - that introduces that emotes to the players and their meanings.


Desktop Screenshot 2017.12.12 - Players first encounter with the squirrel.


Desktop Screenshot 2017.12.12 - of a cut-scene in which the Bears brings his friends to the birthday party.

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