Game Jam 2018 – Human Touch

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The game requires at least two players. One player must choose eye in the sky and the other must choose Soldier on the ground.

Soldier on the ground – The player on the ground moves forward and back with ‘w’ & ‘s’. They can turn with ‘a’ & ‘d’. The objective for the player on the ground is to get to the end of the map without stepping on any mines or getting caught by the guards.

Eye in the sky- The eye in the sky moves with the same controls. The objective for the eye in the sky is to guide the player around mines and make sure they get safely to the end.

Connecting to other players: Connecting via lan requires host and client, client must type in the host’s IP. Over wifi use matchmaking.


On the Ground.png

View of  soldier on the ground


Eyes in the Sky.png

View of Eyes in the Sky

Eyes In the Sky 2.png

2nd view of Eyes in the Sky

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