Clumsy Space Shooter

  • I created this using Processing.
  • This final game was a 2 week process in which the first week involved creating a toy and the 2nd week in creating a game around that toy.
  • Two player co-op shooter that focuses using the controls as a way to force communication with the players. Player 1 controls Player 2’s gun and Player 2 controls Player 1’s gun. To add to the clumsy feel of the game the ships move in opposite directions with the controls.
  • The main objective is for Player 2 to collect the fuel to win the game, however Player 1 will have to keep the alien at bay with its thrusters when it begins to move upward.


Tutorial Screen


Desktop 08.07.2016 -
Player 1’s thrusters



Below are some sample code from my game

Calling the functions from different classes to set up the game.
This set of code is for setting up a count when the player 2 collects the fuel


The creation of Player 1’s ship and implementing Player 1’s ship control via mouse movement. Using negatives helped with making the ships controls move in opposite directions.




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